40th Anniversary Photos

1973 – Work begins on the church building in 1973. In the photo to the left, above, we see Doug Koehler, front, Gilbert Steele, Chuck Pfeiffer, George Pfeiffer, Stan Scott, and Rev. Koehler. Photo above, Rev. Koehler digging dirt. Photo to left, below, is “the hole.” 1973 Shekinah Singers (Jim and Betty, and Sherry)
1978 Shekinah Academy Training (Carol, Treadeen, Sandy and Chris) 1978 Shekinah Academy Training (Sandy, Treadeen, and Chris)
1977 – In 1976 we bought a school bus and transported children to and from “Extended Sunday school.” “Old Betsey” served us until 1979, when we donated “her” to a Pastor, who ran a youth camp. 1977 – Robbin (left), Debbie and some of the kids
1978 – Left to Right – Billy Thompson, Raymond Thompson, Mary Thompson and Adora Morrison give their approval to the block layer’s work. Dean Haynes laid the block. 1979 – Dave Taylor(right), George Pfeiffer(left) and Todd Bowers(the little guy) work on the new sanctuary.
2005 Shekinah Church Installation Service (Pastor Koehler, Rev Koehler, Pastor Poorman, and Pastor Miranda)

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