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Rev. James L. Koehler, Jr. — Elders — Dr. James L. Koehler, Sr.

August 31, 2010

Dear Parents,

I have been asked to explain why the Academy operates as a non-chartered, non-tax-supported school, so I will try to do that in as brief a manner as possible.

God, in His infinite wisdom, created three Divine Institutions:

  • The Church
  • The Home
  • The State (or civil government.)

Each of these institutions was given specific responsibility:

  • The Church is the bearer of His Law-Word and is responsible for the instruction in righteousness that is essential for the other two to function properly. Education is, therefore, one of the primary functions of His Church.
  • The Home is to receive that instruction – under the headship of the father, when he is present – and, in turn pass it along to the children. This is the means of insuring a continuation of a holy and peaceful “society.”
  • The State (civil authority) is to receive that instruction and use it to determine what is truly evil and follow God’s counsel for the restraint of such behavior.

When – in the mid 1800’s – the State removed education from the control of the Church and the Home, it usurped the authority of Jesus Christ and began the process of requiring people to enter into a practice of idolatry.

To engage in the practice of idolatry is strictly forbidden, by God, when He commands us to “have no other gods before Me,” and to “love the Lord with all your heart soul and mind.”

The fact that so many have succumbed to this practice (idolatry) does not in any way make it acceptable to the Lord, nor does it detract from His Lordship position over His Church.

The failure of the Church to maintain its distinct purpose –and engage in this idolatry – has left the youth of present-day America almost totally void of any Biblical Christian influence and it shows up in the corruption of all three of the Divine Institutions.

For that reason we are constrained to submit to His Law and reject the State’s desire to control any aspect of His Church’s function.  Perhaps, in so doing, we may assist a generation in the receiving of God’s great blessing by the exaltation of The Lord Jesus, who is the Christ.

In His Most Precious Name,

Rev. Dr. James L. Koehler D.D.

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