Academy Application Covenant

Shekinah Christian Academy
An integral and inseparable ministry of Shekinah Church JKPC


WE THE BODY OF SHEKINAH CHURCH come together because we desire a more perfect expression of BIBLICAL TRUTH in the fulfillment of our responsibilities of teaching and learning.

Because of our love for the Lord Jesus, who is the Christ, we wish to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, form the manners and habits of all those whom the Lord would place under our stewardship. It is our desire that we accomplish these tasks through the input of information that is consistent with the BASIC PRINCIPLES OF GOD’S WORD, in order that they may be suitably fit for their future stations of life by assuming the responsibility for SUBDUING SELF, family, church and nations to the Lordship of the Christ.

Being Christians, we recognize that, whenever a people come together, the Word of God requires that a government be established for the purpose of MAINTAINING PEACE AND UNION. We, therefore, do associate ourselves with the John Knox Presbyterian Church and each other as one body, united to The Head (Christ) from Whom we are all fitted together, so that each part will function – through the government of self, and according to the purpose for which is was fitted – for the blessing and building up of the entire body.

With regard to the particular ministry of Shekinah Christian Academy, we recognize that some of those served will not be members of the Body of Shekinah Church, JKPC. However, because they are using a ministry of said Church, they must agree to be subject to the government of Shekinah Church, JKPC within the bounds of this ministry.

  1. The primary authority over the conduct of this ministry will be THE WORD OF GOD.
  2. Since the Bible places the burden for child training upon the Parent, we recognize the Biblically delegated authority/responsibility of the Parent as being primary in matters of discipline. In matters other than simple demerits, the Parent will exercise discipline and report that form of discipline to the Staff of Shekinah Church, JKPC. This will enable the staff to discipline future offenses – should they occur – in a like manner and avoid a conflict between Church and Home.    NOTE: Discipline is intended to be corrective, but not abusive. If the form of discipline suggested is not correcting the faulty behavior, the child may be removed until such correction takes place.     
  3. The Teacher shall also have delegated authority to administer godly discipline in a manner consistent with that of the Parent and the Word of God.
  4. Matters of dispute, that cannot be settled between parties, will be brought before the Session of ShekinahChurch, JKPC for resolution. Judgment of the session will be final.
  5. In mutual support of one another,
    1. The Staff shall consent to the giving of time and talent as a full commitment to the best possible ministry of education that God’s Grace may provide.
    2. Students shall commit themselves to the receiving, developing and using of that education for the glory of God.
    3. Parents shall give generous support, through attendance at meetings, along with prayers, finances and services to the  maintenance of this ministry.

Covenant breakers, who refuse correction, will be severed from the body.

2 Responses to Academy Application Covenant

  1. Nancy Miller says:

    I am looking for ACE school curriculum. Martha Slaubaugh said your school might have some for sale. Is this correct?
    If you could call me about this I’d appreciate it.

    • Jim Koehler says:

      Hi Nancy and thanks for the inquiry. I will be happy to pass this along to Dr. Koehler for consideration. For him to contact you, however, you will need to provide a phone number and/or email address. Thanks again and God bless you.

      Pastor Jim, Jr.

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