The Empty Gas Tank by Donald Grey Barnhouse

A garage man in Mangum, Oklahoma, answered the distress call of a woman motorist whose car had stalled. He examined the car and informed her that it was out of gas. “Will it hurt,” she asked, “if I drive it home with the gas tank empty?” It would be cheaper to drive cars without gasoline, and quite pleasant, but anyone who has ever tried it has found out that it just does not work.

The same is true in the Christian life. Those who attempt to go on without power divinely provided by God may find that they are able to coast down hill for awhile – even roll up a little grade for a moment – but soon a time will come when the road will not permit further coasting; then life is stalled. Fortunately, God provides the power for us anytime we are willing to have it, if we keep the funnel unclogged with sin and turned toward the supply that comes from His grace.

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